School of Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is not the one who owns a business but makes ideas and innovation happen. The School of Entrepreneurship is founded on encouraging business mentality, which creates value for investors, stakeholders and society across a wide variety of businesses.

It is about seeing opportunities, exploiting them to your advantage and creating value for yourself and others. These are not qualities that entrepreneurs develop by just setting up an organisation. An entrepreneurial mindset is something that can be developed through skills training and self-awareness. The courses in the School of Entrepreneurship will do just that for you.

We at YUVA Academy understand that Innovation is the key to a good business model. To maintain excellence in quality and position in the competitive environment of business, organisations constantly develop new quality products and processes. Innovation and its ability to create a competitive advantage for firms are at the core of this school’s training sessions. Through an introduction to the theory and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship, you will learn to manage and solve problems about the smooth running of businesses, with an edge towards novelty and modernism. We help mould you and your ideas for the future of creating quality products and services in the business industry.

The courses in this school focus on the process of venturing into entrepreneurship and identify, assess, shape and act on opportunities in a variety of contexts, settings, and organisations. So in a way, it will shape your mind into understanding entrepreneurship and train you in skills that help you stand out in your workplace and accelerate your career growth.

Mission of School of Entrepreneurship 
  1. To provide high quality and intellectually challenging training environment, instilling an entrepreneurial mindset and a desire to excel.
  2. To expand business innovation and entrepreneurial programs to different parts of Africa and serve its diverse people, creating a qualitative, competitive edge to modern business ventures.
  3. To help transform ideas into tangible initiatives that create economic and social value for a better world.
  4. To foster ideas and innovation, with an increased emphasis on self-awareness and social integrity in the business arena, which extends beyond the academy into the service of the larger community.
  5. To build an environment conducive for individual personality development, and need to rise above perceived personal limitations.
  6. To encourage an inward journey in the individual, which is necessary for developing personal principles and values, which are integral to being an outstanding entrepreneur.
  7. To affiliate with other prestigious institutions and organisations to build a sense of community with other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe and offer the best training and innovation experience possible.

In the School of Entrepreneurship, you will understand how entrepreneurial thought and action may be applied to opportunities of all kinds, including new ventures and innovation within existing organisations. You will also understand the fundamental concepts and analytical tools that help assess opportunities and develop entrepreneurial ventures and how these concepts and tools can be applied to real-world business situations and opportunities. You will understand the importance of innovation in business and learn to implement ideas for creating business enterprises. You will develop, define, and clearly communicate a new business concept or initiative efficiently, effectively, and compellingly.