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Give a gift and change a life of a child living in poverty. For kids living in poverty, childhood can be incredibly difficult. Life doesn’t come with guarantees like medical treatment for illnesses, having shoes to wear to school and getting an education.

Their futures are uncertain, and it can seem like the world has forgotten them.

Health and poverty.

Poverty and health are strongly linked. Health problems can plunge people into poverty or keep them from escaping it, and those in poverty are more likely to suffer disease because of lack of treatment. It’s why we focus on improving the health of kids.

Education and poverty.

Everyone knows that education is essential, but its role in giving kids a ticket out of poverty is enormous!

Starting early matters! Kids who participate in early childhood development (like preschool) achieve higher education and make more money as adults.

Education is one of the most powerful ways to reduce poverty and improve health, gender equality, peace and stability.

Empowerment and poverty.

Empowering kids and young people is a big part of what we do. But what does it mean? Giving kids access to the essential tools they need to succeed. Instilling in them confidence that they can break free from poverty. Building them into engaged citizens of their communities. To name just a few, of course!

Some of our kids and young people participate in a Social and Financial Education programme from the YUVA Academy, which helps them learn about savings, money management and microenterprises.

People who can read are more likely to participate politically and exercise their civil rights. Direct links between empowerment and breaking free from poverty are real. Self-confidence, personal power and aspirations for the future are associated with a high increase in escaping poverty. Learning to lead, better performance in school, less alcohol or drug use. All are outcomes of empowering youth.

Employment and poverty.

“Get a job!” If only it were that easy. Stable employment is critical for escaping poverty, which is why we work so hard to help our teens find it. But significant barriers to finding jobs stand in the way. When work is available, it is often no cakewalk.

What keeps youth who grow up in poverty from finding a job? Some barriers include limited access to job networks not knowing how to search for a job, write a résumé or conduct an interview.

Give with confidence.

We take our responsibility as stewards of your contributions seriously.

We’re proud that 90% of our total expenses in 2017 went directly to the programmes and activities that help sponsored children.

“You’re changing lives. The donation is just one small piece of it. All the time that people put in at community centres providing services is a huge endeavour. I’m just a piece of it. It’s much, much bigger than just me. YUVA is a great organisation to be a part of. You selfishly feel good about yourself doing these things.” – J. Bholah, Donor since 2016

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