Is Mauritian Poverty Solvable?

In 2012, around 33,600 households (9.4%) comprising 122,700 persons (9.8%) were in relative poverty. Children were more prone to poverty than older people. There were an estimated 42,100 children in relative poverty out of a total of 285,900 children. Hence, is Mauritian Poverty solvable?

Don’t let those big numbers discourage you.

These numbers may seem baffling and, let’s face it, possible to fix. Plenty of humanitarian organisations — along with YUVA and the World Bank — believe that the current generation is the first in history that can end extreme poverty once and for all.

At an international level, a lot is also being done to alleviate poverty. Just look at the world’s tremendous progress through the Sustainable Development Goals. Billions of lives have improved, thanks to the efforts of nonprofit organisations such as the World Food ProgrammeOxfam InternationalKivaCare, and so many more. And we can keep that momentum going!

All it takes is harnessing the power of passionate individuals dedicated to transforming the lives of kids living in poverty.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world,” anthropologist Margaret Mead once said. “Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”