Sponsor a Child’s Education

Sponsor a child’s education and change a life. Funds raised are used to assist our children with various critical educational needs. 

Your financial contribution will be used to provide needy children with school materials and supplies, uniforms, shoes, and extra classes for them to catch up with their studies.

Beneficiaries include:

  • Children with disabilities and/or suffering from a severe disease;
  • Abused children;
  • Neglected/Abandoned children and orphans;
  • Street children, including (a) children who live and sleep in the street; and (b) children who are in the street during the day but sleep in the family home;
  • Children with parents in prison;
  • Children in conflict with the law;
  • Out of school and illiterate children; and
  • Children suffering from substance abuse.

Please donate generously to create a positive impact in Mauritian society.

Sponsor a Child in Need

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