School of Humanities

The School of Humanities plays an important role in building a foundation of the world in strong ethical values. It has, at its core, questions about human society and history, which help us create a better and safer environment in the world.

Humanities create an opportunity to nurture critical and creative thinking skills to understand contemporary civil, scientific and technological developments within the cultural processes. This school encourages and develops your talents and capacity in a broad culture and helps develop philosophical, creative, analytical and critical thinking skills, which will help you live a better quality of life.

The School of Humanities provides you with a platform to be better aware of your civic society and be open to ethics, values and freethinking that emerges from the cultural integrities, which will improve the quality of your own life and influence you to inspire others to raise their standard of ethics, values and living.

We focus on developing your ability to identify the embedded values, objectively analyse and make a reasonable judgement in different issues that you may encounter at different stages so that you are equipped to take proper action while dealing with daily life challenges. We will help you grow as individuals and make a niche in society for yourselves through this platform.

Mission of School of Humanities
  1. To provide high quality and intellectually challenging training environment, instilling a humane, civic and social centred mindset and a desire to excel.
  2. To expand programs to different parts of Africa and serve its diverse people, creating a well-balanced ethical and democratic value-based environment.
  3. To help create awareness and empower young people to fight social issues like poverty, health, substance abuse, unemployment, teenage pregnancy and many other children and youth-related issues bringing them to the forefront.
  4. To initiate a sense of community and support among young people and empower them to make the civic and moral sense an important part of their daily routine life.
  5. To build an environment conducive for individual personality development while maintaining the dignity of the social community.
  6. To be a lighthouse, guiding the youth to build stronger, safer and resourceful assets through their knowledge and talents.

We at the YUVA Academy, understand that in the new world of Artificial Intelligence and advanced technology, we need people who understand questions about humanity, morals and ethical decision making and take charge of the responsibility to build a better life and world for themselves and others. Through the School for Humanities, we bring you the opportunity to be the change that the world is seeking.