Our History

Our history, in the words of YUVA Executive Director, Krishna Athal – “We have chosen to be a part of a brand new chapter in Mauritian social awareness. More than this also, we have chosen to encourage our youth on their proactive course ahead.

We began this chapter of YUVA with courage, commitment, passion and most importantly, imagination, for the journey I embarked on marks the path we will blaze for generations of like-minded youth. Like with anything new, the opportunity exists for change to occur, and the pillars of YUVA are not only set on the foundation of creating those new ideas but also continuing the growth momentum while always aiming to adapt to the ever-changing landscape is our beautiful country.

Where I felt that change was needed, I pursued innovative techniques to adopt a new form of leadership, one that not only proves the old methods are no longer applicable but one that indeed succeeds in its continued mission of inspiring its undertakers no matter how tough the terrain may become.

YUVA is a new wave of leadership that intends to set a benchmark. We are not here to make a noise; we are here to be heard. We are here to listen to those who in the past may not have had the opportunity or reason to stand up and make a difference, and more importantly, we are here to give those very same unheard voices the platform and chance they so rightfully deserve. It’s time to set aside the cultural and historical limitations that have kept people from working together in the past for the greater good. While we are firm believers of tradition and pay the due respect it deserves, we too feel that it is time for tradition and innovation to combine and result in a remarkable platform where change is spoken of and practised daily.

YUVA is about recognising ideas that exist within us all, and it is about harnessing those ideas collectively to ensure a far better tomorrow is awarded to those behind us. Like Warren Buffett once said, “someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”, let us be the people who continue to inspire others behind us to carry on the legacy of innovation in leadership and more than that, inspire the youth to forever continue to take a proactive approach to life in general.

The power rests with us, the youth. We are the inheritors of tomorrow. We are tasked with making our ancestors proud, but we have to accept the responsibility of making sure we leave to our children a better life and way of thinking even if we were not awarded such. It’s time we break the cycle of oppression and put ourselves down. We need a collective effort for everyone to benefit, which is precisely the core principle of what YUVA stands for, ensuring a better way of living for everyone for the greater good. A nation prospers when it is encouraged. Why not be that encouragement?

Our mission in front of us is not an easy one. Transformative leadership never is, but it’s about pushing through regardless of how hard it gets and keeping the common end goal of something better for everyone on the sites. The first steps to anything new in the form are never easy. Still, I am confident that my fellow YUVA members collectively possess the courage, determination and willpower to achieve these pioneering steps.

Let us not look at how things could have been done in the past or why they have not worked out but rather let us focus on the new order of thinking. Let us look onwards to a country whose cultural richness serves as the ideal platform for promoting tolerance and cooperation.

YUVA has not only got its work cut out for it because it is a new way of executing social change, but more than that, it has the massive task of creating something from the very bottom-up. Where other organisations have a model to shape their ideas around, YUVA has only the will and imagination of something better that exists. YUVA is the chance to create something new that others down the line will be able to work from and be inspired because it exists. YUVA is the beginning of something truly remarkable in all shapes and forms.

Too long have we allowed ourselves to be trampled by ideas and principles that are in no way geared for us or improving our way of living and existing. Too long have we taken for granted that the youth cannot enforce change, and too long have we let apathy and monotony sink in and keep us in a stagnant uninspired area of our life. The time to take this power back is now. The time to act for a better tomorrow is today, and the time to put aside this oppressive way of thinking is – as of now – a figment of our imaginations. Let us have the courage and determination to counteract old barriers and schools of thought, let us have the strength to break any dogmatism that has crept into our daily lives and more than anything, let us stop simply existing and rather start living extraordinary lives we are all more than entitled to live!

More than wanting to see change take place in the hands of our youth, I want YUVA to be that guiding and ongoing inspiration whose legacy outlives its founders. Let us be the foundation for the greatness that YUVA is capable of, and let us always remember that working together for the common good will always benefit anyone and everyone. YUVA sees no form of a barrier within its ranks; we see no difference in culture and ethnicity. YUVA sees determined souls of all shapes and forms who work towards improving humanity as a whole. Let us be the examples for society to follow suit, let us be the guide that shows there is a human within us all, who has something in common with someone out there, regardless of where they are from or who they are, and let us always encourage anyone and everyone to work with us together to achieve common goals.

May we never forget those who preceded us for it was their ingenuity and bravery that so many of us have today to be grateful for. If it weren’t for the groundbreakers before us, we may never have had the opportunity to continue this cycle of change and we may never have known what the true meaning of inspiration was and will always be.

That is why I appeal to the fellow “youth in spirit” out there, both present today and in the greater community in Mauritius, to remember the past as a lesson and take from it the goodness and ideals that should be carried forward while always adapting the ideas to suit the modern evolution of society.

Let innovation and passion forever be preserved in the notion that no good can come from lingering in old ideas and territory. Let us continue to adapt to the ever-changing world and encourage our fellow Mauritians to stand together to improve their situation at large. But more than anything, let us never lose the will to do better; it is the fire that burns deep within us that loses nothing by igniting the fire in others. Be That Fire, Be The Change and Be Yourselves!”

Thank you!

YUVA Mauritius history
Krishna Athal