Poverty in Mauritius: Facts & Figures

Poverty in Mauritius is complicated. How does health impact poverty? Does a lack of education cause poverty, or does poverty create a lack of access to education? And can poor health impact education, too?

It gets complicated. Cause and effect can be challenging to pin down. In reality, all of these challenges are intertwined.

Poverty map.

A Poverty Map is a spatial representation of poverty indicators in disaggregated geographical regions. It gives an overview of the disparities in the poverty level within a country.

The Statistics Mauritius has produced, with technical support from World Bank, two Poverty Maps, one for 2001/02 and another one for 2006/07. The maps depict the country’s poverty rate in each of the 145 administrative regions (20 Municipal Wards – MWs, 124 Village Council Areas – VCAs and the Island of Rodrigues).

Poverty in Mauritius: Facts & Issues
Poverty in Mauritius Facts Issues
Gini coefficient by Municipal Ward and Village Council Area, 2006/07 
Municipal Ward and Village Council Area (MVCA)Rank in ascending order of poverty ratePoverty rate (%)Standard Error
(Poverty rate)
Gini coefficientStandard Error
(Gini coefficient)
Town of Q. Bornes – Ward
Town of Q. Bornes – Ward
Town of B.B/R.Hill – Ward 432.61.10.3150.012
Town of Vac./Phoenix – Ward 342.71.10.3000.011
Amitié VCA a53.11.50.2420.013
Flic en Flac VCA a63.21.80.3130.023
Town of Curepipe – Ward
Town of Curepipe – Ward 383.51.40.3020.012
Town of B.B/R.Hill – Ward
Poudre d’Or Hamlet VCA104.01.50.2590.014
Camp Thorel VCA114.01.60.2590.013
Town of B.B/R.Hill – Ward 3124.11.40.3600.018
Town of Vac./Phoenix – Ward 2134.21.40.2960.012
Town of Vac./Phoenix – Ward 4144.21.60.2930.011
Town of Curepipe – Ward 1154.31.50.3090.011
Moka VCA164.41.60.2940.013
Piton VCA174.61.40.2640.011
Town of Vac./Phoenix – Ward 1184.71.60.2870.010
L’Avenir VCA194.91.70.2760.014
Town of Q. Bornes – Ward 3204.91.50.2840.010
Union Park VCA215.11.60.2670.011
Belle Vue Maurel VCA225.21.90.2520.012
Cottage VCA235.61.90.2410.011
Bananes VCA245.72.70.2310.019
Roche Terre VCA255.82.00.2540.012
Dagotière VCA265.81.70.2580.011
Espérance Trébuchet VCA275.91.80.2680.014
Petit Raffray VCA286.01.80.2590.011
New Grove VCA296.01.80.2730.010
St. Pierre VCA306.01.70.2770.010
Camp Ithier VCA316.11.80.2650.012
Town of B.B/R.Hill – Ward 1326.11.80.2800.011
Médine Camp de Masque VCA336.21.90.2630.011
Midlands VCA346.31.90.2780.012
Long Mountain VCA356.31.70.2890.010
Grand Gaube VCA366.32.00.2690.015
Souillac VCA376.42.20.2550.012
Ripailles VCA386.52.00.2740.013
Rivière des Anguilles VCA396.52.00.2510.010
Triolet VCA406.61.80.2750.009
Rivière du Rempart VCA416.61.80.2600.011
Plaines des Roches VCA426.72.10.2530.011
Goodlands VCA436.71.80.2600.011
Grand Baie VCA446.72.00.3150.017
St. Julien d’Hotman VCA456.92.10.2640.012
Espérance VCA466.92.20.2570.015
Town of Port Louis – Ward 1477.01.70.2670.008
Morcellement St. André VCA487.21.80.2780.011
Verdun VCA497.22.30.2730.014
La Gaulette VCA507.22.30.2450.014
Fond du Sac VCA517.52.00.2680.010
Melrose VCA527.62.40.2470.013
Mahébourg VCA537.62.00.2830.011
Crève Coeur VCA547.62.10.2810.013
Rose Belle VCA557.61.80.2780.009
Bon Accueil VCA567.62.00.2670.011
Baie du Tombeau VCA577.71.90.3310.017
St. Aubin VCA587.72.90.2360.014
Amaury VCA597.82.40.2440.012
Town of Port Louis – Ward 4607.82.10.2800.011
Central Flacq VCA617.82.00.2820.009
Villebague VCA627.92.40.2640.013
Tamarin VCA638.12.10.3600.019
Calebasses VCA648.11.90.2820.012
Mare d’Albert VCA658.22.10.2600.011
Chamouny VCA668.22.30.2470.012
Plaine des Papayes VCA678.22.30.2680.010
St. Julien (Haut de Flacq) VCA688.52.50.2570.012
Ecroignard VCA698.62.40.2680.012
Nouvelle France VCA708.72.30.2670.011
Lalmatie VCA718.91.90.2810.010
The Vale VCA728.92.30.2380.012
Britannia VCA738.93.10.2310.014
Camp Diable VCA749.02.60.2550.013
Queen Victoria VCA759.12.40.2520.013
Montagne Blanche VCA769.12.20.2710.010
Le Hochet VCA779.32.20.2890.012
D’Epinay VCA789.32.20.2670.011
Laventure VCA799.62.20.2750.010
Town of Port Louis – Ward 2809.62.30.3010.010
Pamplemousses VCA819.82.10.2840.012
Mare Tabac VCA829.92.60.2650.013
Grand Bel Air VCA839.93.10.2450.015
Chemin Grenier VCA849.92.30.2610.010
Grande Rivière Noire VCA8510.02.90.3030.017
Rivière du Poste VCA8610.02.60.2450.013
Roches Noires VCA8710.02.70.2420.011
Cap Malheureux VCA8810.02.60.3090.018
Albion VCA8910.32.30.3790.019
Surinam VCA9010.32.50.2640.009
Richelieu VCA9110.32.80.2200.010
Camp de Masque Pavé VCA9210.32.30.2740.012
Brisée Verdière VCA9310.42.50.2770.011
Poudre d’Or VCA9410.42.70.2370.026
Pailles VCA9511.02.50.2770.013
Bambous VCA9611.02.70.2340.011
L’Escalier VCA9711.32.60.2620.010
Quartier Militaire VCA9811.32.50.2840.011
Grand Bois VCA9911.32.70.2480.011
Case Noyale VCA10011.53.80.2140.015
Plaine Magnien VCA10111.72.50.2650.011
Notre Dame VCA10211.72.60.2750.013
Providence VCA10311.72.50.2760.012
Petit Bel Air VCA10411.83.30.2500.016
Benarès VCA10511.83.20.2390.019
Congomah VCA10612.02.80.2720.014
Petite Rivière VCA10712.03.10.2380.010
Cluny VCA10812.13.00.2420.013
Camp de Masque VCA10912.12.80.2850.013
Bois Chéri VCA11012.23.10.2400.012
Town of Port Louis – Ward 311112.32.60.3090.012
Terre Rouge VCA11212.32.80.2950.016
La Laura – Malenga VCA11312.63.00.2720.017
Cascavelle VCA11412.63.00.2320.012
Pointe aux Piments VCA11512.72.90.2890.016
Rivière des Créoles VCA11612.82.80.2510.012
Town of Port Louis – Ward 611713.02.70.2760.011
Trou d’Eau Douce VCA11813.22.80.2600.012
Grand River South East VCA11913.33.20.2450.015
Sébastopol VCA12013.32.80.2610.011
Mapou VCA12113.43.30.2800.018
Bel Air Rivière Sèche VCA12213.53.10.2580.009
Trois Boutiques VCA12313.63.10.2630.010
Beau Vallon VCA12413.72.80.3120.018
Town of Port Louis – Ward 512514.13.00.2810.009
Old Grand Port VCA12614.33.10.2570.012
Baie du Cap VCA12714.53.40.2520.014
Olivia VCA12814.53.20.2490.011
Arsenal VCA12914.73.10.2680.015
Dubreuil VCA13015.43.60.2430.012
Mare La Chaux VCA13115.63.30.2880.014
Chamarel VCA13215.84.70.2360.022
Bel Ombre VCA13316.93.80.2350.013
Gros Caillou VCA13416.93.50.2280.012
Poste de Flacq VCA13517.33.30.2650.011
Mare Chicose VCA13617.64.90.2450.020
Quatre Soeurs VCA13717.73.90.2660.012
St. Hubert VCA13818.03.30.2610.012
Quatre Cocos VCA13918.33.60.2590.011
Clémencia VCA14019.13.70.2620.014
Bois des Amourettes VCA14120.13.80.2630.015
Grand Sable VCA14221.14.10.2590.014
Le Morne VCA14324.44.40.2750.022
Bambous Virieux VCA14425.25.50.2410.016
Rodrigues Island14532.48.10.3540.027
a – Poverty rates for these regions should be interpreted with caution due to their high relative standard errors.

Download the full report of Poverty Indicators in Mauritius here.