Robotics for Kids – Certificate Programme (Levels 1-3)

Admission to this programme is very competitive and we scrutinise each application very carefully. We have an acceptance ratio of 1:5.

Schedule: All sessions are conducted on Saturdays and/or Sundays

Format: Face-to-Face (Offline) or Google Meet (Online)

Age requirement: 9 to 18 years old

This Certificate in Robotics for Kids is a hands-on learning programme, which combines a physical learning kit and live classes in Robotics, Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Empower your kids with future academic and career skills that will be vitally important in 2030. With early robotics and coding education, kids learn to be active problem solvers and develop real tech-enabled solutions to problems we face today.

Robotics is easily adopted by young minds today who have grown up with Transformers, Wall-E, and Iron Man. This builds their interest in Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Arts, and channelises their energies very well.

At YUVA Academy, we introduce robotics to kids as young as 9 years old with Block-based programming and globally acclaimed Robotics Kits. We have an age-appropriate graded course structure that includes basic programming, assembling and strategy.

Here are a few of the benefits robotics courses for kids offer:
  1. Chance to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge;
  2. A computational and comprehensive state of mind;
  3. Improved interest in science, maths, engineering, & arts and the ability to see their real-world applications;
  4. Curiosity to create, experiment, and improve;
  5. Learning to Code in a kid-friendly way;
  6. Problem-solving ability;
  7. Importance of teamwork; and
  8. A basic understanding of engineering mechanics.

As we grow more and more dependent on technology, the need for engineers and technical experts arises. Currently, a significant portion of our lives is propelled by technology-based devices. Robotics and AI are going to play a significant role in everything we do. Sooner or later, we are moving towards a fully automated future and to facilitate that we prepare young kids in the field of robotics, coding, app development, and AI.

With robotics, kids can build and develop models of real-life objects and observe their working mechanisms. This helps them gain interest in science-based projects and makes them more computational and logical in the face of real-life problems. Kids who are well-versed in robotics can launch their careers to realise their passion for software programming, app development, automation, 3D printing, etc.

What parents say about our Robotics Classes:
“At first, I thought Robotics for Kids was just a fancy advertisement. But after attending the free session, I understood the concept and how it brings out my daughter’s potential. I also referred 3 of my colleagues!” — Mr L. Bholah “My son loves YUVA Academy’s robotics sessions. For him, science is fun, unlike what I felt in my childhood. I feel that this is a major victory for me as a parent. He now shows more interest towards understanding science.” — Mrs S. Niamut “Robotics is the future. Future jobs will require a lot more innovation and creativity than today. I am doing everything to prepare my child through this Robotics & AI Programme to be successful in that future.” — Mr C. Soomirtee
“YUVA Academy’s STEM and robotics-based curriculum are helping my son and daughter increase their interest in science and maths. As a result, they are performing better at school too.” — Dr V. Mardemootoo“By building robotics projects at YUVA Academy to solve real-world problems, my child is developing 21st-century skills and getting the confidence to experiment, innovate and dream big.” — Mrs A. Dookheet“Play-based learning encourages kids to explore, ideate, attempt, make mistakes and learn from them. As a result, our children becomes curious life-long learner, out-of-the-box thinker, and confident innovator.” — Mr V. De Robillard
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Admission to YUVA Academy’s programmes is very competitive, and we scrutinise each application carefully. We have an acceptance ratio of 1:5.

While there is no “magic formula” for gaining admission to this programme, the general expectation is that you fill in the following form well by answering every question based on your experience, knowledge, and good judgement.