YUVA Mauritius

YUVA Mauritius has a very strong presence in Mauritius’ 9 districts, consisting of 1 city, 4 towns, 130 villages, and the capital, Port Louis. YUVA’s head office is found in a prime location, at the centre of Port Louis.

The Plaines Wilhems District consists mainly of four towns: Beau-Bassin Rose-Hill, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes, and Vacoas-Phoenix. The other districts consist of different villages. Some of them are further divided into different suburbs. As of December 31, 2012, the urban population stood at 536,086 and rural 718,925.

The island of Rodrigues used to be the tenth district of Mauritius. It gained autonomous status in 2002. Its capital is Port Mathurin.

List of Districts in Mauritius:
  1. Black River
  2. Flacq
  3. Grand Port
  4. Moka
  5. Pamplemousses
  6. Plaines Wilhems
  7. Port Louis (Capital of Mauritius)
  8. Rivière du Rempart
  9. Savanne
Map of Mauritius
Map of the districts of Mauritius, named in local names.