YUVA met Elles C Nous to discuss areas of collaboration to help underprivileged children

Elles C Nous Association sought a meeting with YUVA in order to discuss potential areas where both organisations can work together. The meeting was held today at the office of the Elles C Nous Association. Elles C Nous Association was founded by Milene Abdoolkader, who is also the President of the association.

The target group of Elles C Nous Association is 85 children from 5 to 17 years old and 50 parents.  Elles C Nous Association is a community development association mainly active with children and their families in the region of Beau Bassin, Rose Hill and in the district of Plaines Wilhems in general.

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YUVA District Plaines Wilhems Appoints Its President

After 3 months of wait, the YUVA District Plaines Wilhems has finally got its president, under whose leadership all the local YUVAs found in the towns would operate.

The appointed president of YUVA District Plaines Wilhems is none other than Krishna Athal, the actual national president of YUVA. Krishna Athal has opted the district of Plaines Wilhems as his operation area, and this decision has been warmly welcomed by YUVANs of the region.

“I accept this challenging position with humility, and with a dream for the district. Being the national president of YUVA, i have been, till now, been involved in managerial undertakings. I’ve felt the need of operating at grassroots level since the beginning, and the new position of YUVA Disctrict President of Plaines Wilhems quenches my quest to come closer to people,” Krishna Athal said.

Plaines Wilhems is the most populated district; the population estimate was at 387,372 as of 31 December 2012. The district is mainly urban; it consists of four towns, the village of Midlands and part of two other villages. The Plaines Wilhems district does not have a District Council; it has four Municipal Town Councils. YUVA is already found in those four towns – Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill, Curepipe, Quatre Bornes and Vacoas-Phoenix. The villages are Midlands, Cascavelle (East – West in Rivière Noire district) and Moka (West- East in Moka district).

The district was named after Wilhem Leicknig. Of Prussian origin, he settled on the island of Mauritius, then known as Isle de France, in 1721.

Did you know? [YUVA Operational Structure]

YUVA has a National Board where appointed members act as policy makers of the organisation. The National Board is constituted by a Chairman & National President, General Secretary, Head of Research & Development, Head of Social Media, 12 Advisors and 9 District Presidents. The Board plays a key role in coordinating activities: bringing potential partners together, facilitating the overall flow of information, helping identify where there are opportunities to collaborate, and supporting that collaboration.

Under the National Board comes the District Boards, where YUVA has appointed a President for every district of Mauritius. The District Presidents work towards creating local YUVAs in every ward/village/town found in their territories.

At the end, the local YUVA Presidents become District Board members, chaired by their respective District Presidents.