25 May: Africa Day celebrated in Mauritius

Mauritius firmly believes that a strong, secure, united and economically independent and prosperous Africa is central to the country’s own economic progress and social development.

Africa has transformed and is still transforming. With the gradual but steady implementation of the Constitutive Act, we have turned into a people-centric organisation with an immediate focus on those who need our support, particularly the vulnerable groups, the youth and the women – largely affected by poverty, insecurity, wars, atrocities and calamities – who have for long been left behind.

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5th YUVA Anniversary: Message of Founder Krishna Athal

5 years ago today, 31 January 2015, YUVA was launched officially at Port Louis, in the hand of former President of the Republic of Mauritius, Bibi Ameenah Firdaus Gurib-Fakim GCSK.

“We chose to be a part of a brand new chapter in Mauritian social awareness. More than that also, we chose to encourage our youth on their proactive course ahead.

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YUVA 3rd Anniversary: Speech of Executive Director

A very warm welcome again to the YUVA 3rd Anniversary Celebrations.

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Letter to YUVA from…a Mauritian Expat!

My dear YUVANS,

I would like through your leader and president Krishna Athal to send all my farewell wishes for a happy 3rd anniversary to YUVA Mauritius. I started following you since only 2016, but I am very happy and impressed to see such a group of young devotees like you doing such a wonderful job in the sectors of education, social work, health, entrepreneurship and leadership among all the numerous engagements in which you take part every day. Continue reading “Letter to YUVA from…a Mauritian Expat!”

Invitation: YUVA’s 3rd Anniversary

This year, YUVA is celebrating its third anniversary on the 16th of December at the Municipality Council Hall of Port Louis at 13hr.

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YUVA Celebrated Xmas with Retired, Old People

We, at YUVA, feel blessed and privileged to have celebrated our second anniversary, Christmas and end-of-year this afternoon with grandpas residing at Hospice home.

Here are some photos clicked during the event:

YUVA Anniversary to be Celebrated with Retired, Old People in Home

This year, YUVA is celebrating its second anniversary with retired, old people of the Hospice Home (Pamplemousses) on 25 December 2016 at 13:00hr.


Why retired, old people?

It is the experience of retired persons that they dedicated their lives to the well-being of society and of the nation. All their lives, whatever their profession, they worked every day and all the time to do some service to society through their field of activity and also in their personal lives. They dedicated their energy, thought, and creativity to support and nourish society and to improve the quality of life in their nation. Then, after so many years of hard work and dedication, society rewards and respects them with retirement. Society says ‘Now you should rest, society will take care of you.’ The rest is well deserved. After a lifetime’s work the body now needs to rest.

But because the whole focus of life and activity was in terms of service to society, it is natural for a retired person to think ‘What can I do now, to be useful to society?’ Society does not expect activity from a retired person, but he still feels that he should do something to make a contribution to society’s welfare. All his life, he worked so many hours a day; now what should he do?

Retired people are concerned about everything that happens in society, on the individual level and on the collective level. They are concerned about all aspects of their nation. If society is not ideal they sit brooding over society’s failure. What else can they do because their bodies are tired and now society wants them to rest and to enjoy their retirement.

Society respects retired people, but when they see things going wrong in the lives of people around them, they feel sad within themselves.

Hospice Saint Jean De Dieu at Pamplemousses

Hospice Saint Jean De Dieu at Pamplemousses on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean is a retirement home for people above 60 years of age. It was started by St. John of God Brothers of the French Province in 1976.

There are 75 beds and all the beds are occupied. Residents are men over 60 years (with a few exceptions).

Among the 75 residents 62 are social security (having as a unique resource the old-age pension of Rs. 3,048 per month) & and 13 are private. In the year 2010 there were 21 new admissions, 16 residents died and 4 residents returned back to their families.

Main diseases of Mauritius are diabetes and hypertension and the residents wear traces: hemiplegic etc.

The sources of revenue for the running of the Hospice are the social security contributions, a few private residents and donations from Mauritian benefactors.

The social security Department of Mauritius Government provides the services of a doctor once in a week for 3 hours, one nurse for two days in a week for 16 hours, one occupational therapist for six hours a week and a physiotherapist for three hours a week.

We, at YUVA, feel blessed and privileged to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary, Xmas 2016 and the end-of-year with these grandpas.

YUVA Celebrates First Anniversary on 27 December at Reduit

YUVA will celebrate its 1st anniversary with 2000 YUVANs, guests, friends and staff. The event will take place on Sunday, 27 December 2015 at Paul Octave Wiéhé Auditorium (POWA), Réduit at 13:00hr. 

YUVA President Krishna Athal will present the association’s key achievements in its first year, its activities and future plans. The event will also comprise of a live band, dance performances, fashion show and drama. Incepted in 2015, Youth United in Voluntary Action (YUVA) started as a group of enthusiastic individuals, and today it has mobilized thousands of young people with a simple aim of creating a better world to live in.

The anniversary celebration will see the distribution of sweets to attendees and cutting of a big anniversary cake by a group of children. One of the specialities of this event is that there would be no chief guest; this is the day of YUVANs and every individual would be a chief guest of the day.

The anniversary will also provide a perfect opportunity for discussion and networking for YUVANs across the Island.


You are invited to attend this first anniversary celebration of YUVA with friends and family on Sunday, 27 December 2015 at POWA, Réduit at 13:00hr. You are requested to be seated by 12:45hr.

Each moment together is a milestone

Every initiative is an accomplishment

On our 1st anniversary we celebrate victory

We have done something that not many can

We have stuck by each other through thick and thin

And we have all reasons to celebrate today