Team Building of Robotics Team Mauritius: FIRST Global Challenge 2022

YUVA Academy conducted a Team Building session at Strike City, Bagatelle, with 14 young Mauritians who form part of the Robotics Team Mauritius. In October, the team will participate in FIRST Global Challenge 2022, hosted in Geneva, Switzerland.

You can watch the announcement video here. You can also view the latest FIRST Global Newsletter and press release with additional details.

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No Poverty Goal: 75 Needy Families Receive Clothes at Baie Du Tombeau

Today, Sunday 27 November 2016, YUVA has distributed clothes to 75 needy families of Longere Tole, Baie Du Tombeau. 

YUVA has launched its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used clothes from individuals, civic and corporate organisations, then distributing those clothes to poor and disadvantaged people.

Several collecting points were established to receive clothes, including at Bagatelle Mall, La Croisette and Baie Du Tombeau’s Simla Way.

YUVA has a bold commitment to finish what it started, and end poverty in all forms and dimensions. This involves targeting the most vulnerable, increasing access to basic resources and services, and supporting affected communities.

Lots of people are going through pains. Silent struggles. Check on people once in a while. Ask if they’re okay. Help them. You might save some lives.

If you have clothes taking up space in your closet, why not donate them to YUVA? No matter which charity you choose, your unused clothes will do more good in a donation bin than sitting in your closet. Call on 57086868.