Top 5 Financial Mobile Apps that NGOs Should Use

Non-profit organisations often face difficulties in their day-to-day operations. Be it a lack of staff or a tight budget due to lack of funding, non-profits have to navigate through several issues to keep the organisation running. However, thanks to modern technology, there are numerous apps available that aid and ease the operations of NGOs.

Though some are free while others are paid, they work just as effectively as human staff and sometimes even help in reducing operational costs. Some apps even offer special prices to NGOs. The following apps are among the highest rating apps for NGOs.

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A Career in the Non-Profit Sector for Finance People

Finance is one of the most popular and sought-after career paths. With the attractive salaries and faster career growth opportunities it offers, the finance field does not lack aspiring professionals. Similarly, there is no lack of finance job openings in the private or public sector.

However, the newer generations have shown an inclination towards job fulfilment rather than financial benefits when choosing their careers. They seek more than just high salaries. Their job is an extension of their passion rather than just a way to earn money. Generations Y and Z notably hold a strong social conscience, having grown with the internet, a tool that allowed them access to understand and societal issues on a global scale. Unlike the older generations’ traditional belief to give back to society after reaching a certain level of wealth and a strong position of financial security, the younger generations believe in contributing towards society’s wellbeing through their work. We often see young graduates venturing into the non-profit sector rather than the private or public sector. Their drive to do good while earning a living pushes them towards a career in the non-profit sector.

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Environmental Factors Preventing Aspiring Entrepreneurs From Becoming One

A unanimous approach can eliminate the two factors hindering the growth and development of entrepreneurship in the world.

There will always be challenges in any entrepreneurial activity since entrepreneurship at its core is meant to address the pressing and hard-to-resolve issues of the market. However, some markets are known to have inherent challenges that come in the way of aspiring entrepreneurs even before they can dream of building a successful startup. It is often hard to overcome such limitations, but not impossible. The two factors mentioned below explore the intrinsic issues faced by aspiring entrepreneurs and their implications on the development of entrepreneurship in the country.

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Domestic Violence in Mauritius: Its Victims and the System Failing the People

Stand in the line at the shop while you wait to pay for your items and count how many women you see. Perhaps you have four ahead of you. Out of those four, there is at least one of those who may be experiencing domestic abuse or has experienced it in her lifetime so far. 

Make a note next time you are in a public place how many women you can count, and remember that one out of every four of those is also likely to be experiencing some forms of domestic violence or abuse (Gender Links, 2018). It does not take long before you have more women than you can count who are being subjected to on-going abuse in their home. 

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Become our Blogger – Have your voice heard

Do you have a passion for writing? 

Do you care about social, psychological, cultural, educational, technological, environmental, economic or any other issues relating to #YUVASDGs?

Do you want to make effective use of your words and as a weapon to cause a positive impact, to inspire and motivate others?

YUVA is launching its blogging platform program. This program will give you a chance to volunteer for YUVA, to enhance your creativity, writing, research and critical thinking competencies and will enable you to connect with various other promising young people nationwide and all over the world within a global digital dialogue.

What do I need to qualify?

  • Your age doesn’t matter as long as you are young in spirit.
  • You should have internet access to stay active and participate on our website and social media platforms.
  • No travel is required. Articles can be written wherever and whenever as your own convenience.
  • Ability to blog in at least ONE of the following languages: English or French.

How long is this blogging journey?

  • 6 months with possibility to extend.

What will I gain from the YUVA Blogger Platform?

  • Improve your writing skills
  • Get a clear picture about critical issues our society  and youth are facing
  • Gain new insights into development issues
  • Explore and learn about new digital media
  • Give youth a voice

What are the requirements?

  • 1 minimum post per week

How should I apply?

Applications for YUVA Blogger is available throughout the year. Applications should be emailed to: When sending to this mailbox, please ensure that the position you are applying for, ‘Blogger’, is quoted on the subject line.

Job application form: Download Here

NOTE: After completing the job application form, please convert it to .PDF format and send it, along with a Cover Letter, to the following e-mail address: