10 Credible NGOs in India Changing the Lives of the Poor

NGOs have been founded in India to help break this poverty cycle and support women, families, and children to create a brighter future for themselves. This article lists the top 10 credible NGOs in India changing the lives of the poor.

India is the second most populated country in the world, after China. According to The Balance (2020), India is the world’s fourth-largest economy. But this is only a façade. Some people there face daily challenges due to poverty. According to World Poverty Clock (2021), around 6% or 86,799,498 of the population will live in poverty.

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The 10 Best NGOs in Mumbai

India has around 1,300,000,000 inhabitants, and these people face daily challenges such as poverty, lack of healthcare, unemployment, and environmental degradation. NGOs in Mumbai support these challenges and try to change the already impoverished society.

More precisely, NGOs in Mumbai were created to improve the rural areas’ social development, to better the future of children, women, etc. They focus on the education, welfare, and rights of children. NGOs also work to empower and develop women, the elderly, and social justice.

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