YUVA participe au Inner Leadership Seminar de Judy Johnson au Global Peace House, Brahma Kumaris

Ce mardi 30 juillet, YUVA a eu l’opportunité de participé au programme organisé par le Brahma Kumaris ayant pour thème « Inner Leadership for Youth Leaders ».

AISEC Reduit, Raise Brave Girls Association, Global Peace Chain, Junior Chamber International – Mauritius, Professional First Aiders, Rotary Club Riche Mare, Pamplemousses Regional Youth Council, YAC, Beach Boyz Club, Global Shapers Port Louis Hub et Youth for a Better World Club sont toutes les organisations mauriciennes ayant eu la chance de pouvoir participé au programme.

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Invitation: Inner Leadership Seminar for Youth Leaders by Judy Johnson

YUVA’s partner, The Brahma Kumaris – Global Peace House will be hosting the forthcoming visit of Mrs Judy Johnson, experienced Facilitator and Consultant in Leadership Development from 9 AM to 2:30 PM on Tuesday, 30 July 2019.  

Mrs Johnson is specialised in facilitating clarity in complex organisational and group situations.  Her focus is to uncover the inherent strengths in organisations and individuals. Based in Halifax, Canada, Judy has acted as facilitator, Consultant and Coach to Managers, Directors and Teams in Government, Private and Community-based Organisations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia.

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Basesh Gala on “The past, present and future of entrepreneurship” at YALES 2018

At the YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2018, Basesh Gala talked on “The past, present and future of entrepreneurship”.

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Day 1: YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2018

The first day of YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit (YALES) 2018 was held today at Ebène Cybercity. The theme of the day was “Social Work and Community Service in Mauritius”. Continue reading “Day 1: YUVA Annual Leadership & Entrepreneurship Summit 2018”

YUVA at the African Women in Dialogue (AWID) 2018, Johannesburg

YUVA has the pleasure to announce that it will be participating in a 1-week forum organised by Gender Links in collaborations with the Zanele Mbeki Development (ZMDT) entitled African Women in Dialogue (AWID) from 19 to 23 November 2018 in Johannesburg, South Africa. YUVA will be represented by Ms Soveeta Chengappa Naidu, executive member of YUVA.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together women from the African continent, particularly the SADC region to participate in a dialogue in regards to the situation of women locally and regionally. The theme of the forum is “Strengthening the African Women’s Movement within the Fourth Industrial Revolution towards a new and value-based eco-system” and it arises from the recognition that most women are not familiar with the concept of this revolution. Continue reading “YUVA at the African Women in Dialogue (AWID) 2018, Johannesburg”

The Situation of HIV/AIDS in Mauritius

According to estimates, a total number of 329 cases of HIV/AIDS cases were detected in the year 2016 in which 319 cases were Mauritians and 10 cases were foreigners. The yearly positivity rates of HIV recorded seem to be 0.36% for the year 2016, which concludes that the total number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Mauritius is 6671. Statistics clearly indicate that men have the highest prevalence of HIV as out of the 6671 cases 5061 are men and 1610 are women. Since 1987 Mauritius has reported approximately 953 deaths due to HIV. Continue reading “The Situation of HIV/AIDS in Mauritius”

Call for Application: Global Social Leader Forum (December 2017)

Deadline for application: 10 October 2017

Event: 10-20 December 2017

Location: Mauritius

YUVA is seeking for representatives from Public, NGO and (Social) Business sectors, coming from all over the world to participate in the Global Social Leader Forum 2017. The forum aims to unite social leaders and foster discussion and exchange on social work and community services work. As experience shows, there is an urgent need for all social leaders to combine their strength and experiences in order to tackle rising issues in the world. Continue reading “Call for Application: Global Social Leader Forum (December 2017)”

International Africa Arts Forum

What is the Africa Arts Forum?

World Youth Alliance Africa invites you to the second Africa Arts Forum (AAF). The 2015 AAF will bring together African youth aged between 14 – 30, working in the field of art and youth interested in art to learn, share ideas and work together with WYA in the promotion of human dignity through art. This forum will showcase different types of art including fashion, music, spoken word, poetry, drawing arts, paintings and sculptures.

The Africa Arts Forum 2015 will be held on Saturday, 7th November 2015 at the Michael Joseph Center, Safaricom in Nairobi, Kenya. It will be open to members of WYA and members of the public who have a keen interest on art and/or would like to learn about art.

Date: Saturday 7th November 2015

Venue: Safaricom Michael Joseph Centre, Nairobi

Entrance: Free (registration is required)

Registration Deadline for artists: Friday 30th October



This year’s Africa Arts Forum theme will be Art and Dignity. The forum aims to influence the youth that are talented in arts and art professionals to promote dignity in our society through art and to portray art in light of a fundamental aspect of our human existence. This expression of Art and Dignity will enable educating in the understanding of the human person so that our capacity to see human dignity in art will improve.

World Youth Alliance Africa invites artists and students to participate in the Africa Arts Forum by submitting their pieces of art.

Young artists selected to participate in the Arts Forum will have the opportunity to:

  • Present their vision of dignity in art through their artwork
  • Exhibit their artwork for the forum audience
  • Participate in interactive discussion with fellow artists and participants
  • Engage in dialogue with artists from a variety of disciplines and cultural backgrounds

Registration is required to attend the Africa Arts Forum. Fill out this application form to register as an artist.

Note: Deadline for artist application is Monday 12th October. Screening will be conducted from 19th to 23rd September at the WYA Africa office in Karen.

Artists will showcase/exhibit their work during the Africa Arts Forum.

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