Amazing Facts About Politics in Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius has a reputation for being a democratic and politically stable country. Fair and free elections occur every five years, and hardly anything disturbs the smooth running of the elections. Everyone is free to have a political opinion and support any political party. As for politics in Mauritius, it is easy to understand.

In Mauritius, the President is the head of state. The President is elected by the National Assembly as required by the Mauritian Constitution and functions as a ceremonial figurehead. Not only does he uphold the constitution, but when a bill is submitted to him, he has to signify his assent or rejection of the bill. The Prime Minister is the head of the government. As for the Prime Minister, he is the head of the government. He presides over the Council of Ministers and appoints its members. Moreover, the position of the Prime Minister is powerful since the Prime Minister is also the Minister of Defence and Home Affairs.

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YUVA Celebrated National Day 2019 with Secondary School Students

The National Day 2019 Student Speech was organised by YUVA on Friday, 8 March 2019 at the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Port Louis, on the occasion of the 51st Independence Day and 27th Republic Day of Mauritius.

The event started with a rendition of the National Anthem, evoking patriotic sentiments within each attendee. Attendees consisted of members of the Ministries, Presidents and Directors of organisations, Rectors, educators and secondary school and university students. Following the welcome address, the event proceeded with a brief account of the National day.

The aim of the event was to provide the younger generation of Mauritius with a platform to make their voices heard, since they also form part of the stakeholders in the development of the country.

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