YUVA Mauritius Empowers Disadvantaged Girls in STEM Education with Support from the CFLI

PORT LOUIS – YUVA Mauritius is excited to announce the commencement of its groundbreaking project, “STEM Education for Disadvantaged Kids to Increase the Representation of Young Girls in the Scientific Field.” Thanks to generous funding from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI), this initiative aims to bridge the gender gap in the field of science and technology by empowering 368 young girls in Mauritius with robotics skills. The project officially began on 25 August 2023 and is set to conclude on 29 February 2024.

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Loretto College Port Louis Student, Sajida Jomeer, Joins YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius for FIRST Global 2023

Sajida Jomeer, a remarkable Grade 10 student hailing from Loretto College Port Louis, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing a coveted spot in YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius. The team is all set to participate in the prestigious Robotics Olympics – FIRST Global 2023, hosted in Singapore.

Sajida Jomeer’s exceptional passion for robotics and innovation has been recognised by YUVA. Sajida’s journey from Loretto College to the international stage of the FIRST Global 2023 event stands as a testament to her dedication and determination.

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Team Mauritius Ready for Robotics Olympics 2023 in Singapore

YUVA Mauritius is delighted to announce its pivotal role in training and sponsoring Team Mauritius for the upcoming Robotics Olympics 2023.

The event, organised by FIRST Global, will bring together teams from 162 countries in a captivating showcase of technological innovation and collaboration. The competition is scheduled to take place in Singapore this October.

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YUVA Academy’s Impactful Workshop at Port Louis for EDYCS Staff Members

Last Wednesday, a transformative event unfolded in the heart of Port Louis as the YUVA Academy orchestrated an engaging and insightful leadership workshop for the dedicated staff members of the EDYCS organisation.

The session was more than just a routine training; it was a dynamic experience that aimed to enhance leadership skills, foster teamwork, and ignite a passion for personal and professional growth.

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Tips on How to Bargain in India

In this blog post, we’ll provide tips for mastering the art of bargaining so that you can save some cash and make unforgettable memories at Indian markets! Let’s together see how to bargain in India!

Do you have your sights set on India? Are you wondering how to get the best prices when shopping in local markets? Then you’re in luck! With a bit of practice and some knowledge, bargaining in India — or haggling as it’s also known — can be an exciting (and rewarding!) part of your journey.

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Top 10 NGOs in India Working for Children

The future of India and the world lies in the hands of our children. In this article, we have featured the top 10 NGOs in India which work towards improving the lives of children – with YUVA India emerging as number one!

With so many initiatives to ensure they get the best possible start to life, several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) work tirelessly towards this cause in our country. These NGOs rely on donations from individuals or institutions for daily operations, try to minimise government interference and focus solely on serving society by providing essential services and promoting education and health among vulnerable sections.

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5 Fascinating Reasons People Like Executive Coaching in Singapore

The process of executive coaching in Singapore is becoming increasingly popular, as it has been consistently proven to be an effective way for professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve higher levels of success.

Working with a talented and experienced coach can provide people with clarity on their objectives, help them develop new strategies for growth, boost creativity, and grow personal confidence. By identifying weaknesses or potential risks early on and then correcting them using goal-oriented techniques – the coaching method ensures that clients are ready to realise their wildest dreams faster than ever.

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The Best Approach to Life Coaching in Mauritius

Are you looking for the best life coaching in Mauritius? Experienced professionals in this field are invaluable assets when it comes to navigating every stage of your life. From career decisions to resolving personal issues, an experienced life coach can help inspire individuals to move forward confidently.

You may be wondering who is one of the leading experts on coaching guidance, but look no further – Dr Krishna Athal is here! Through his years of experience as top professional offering services such as motivational talks and strategic planning workshops throughout Mauritius, he has become renowned for providing outstanding support and guidance that makes a marked difference in clients’ lives. Keep reading if you want to learn more about how he approaches life coaching in Mauritius and what sets him apart from other coaches.

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Team Mauritius Set to Showcase Innovative Talents at Robotics Olympics in Singapore

YUVA’s Team Mauritius (Robotics), a group of talented and aspiring young minds, is excitedly preparing to represent Mauritius at the prestigious FIRST Global Challenge 2023. The highly anticipated international robotics competition is scheduled to take place in Singapore this October.

The FIRST Global Challenge brings together the brightest young minds from across the globe to collaborate, compete, and address some of the world’s most pressing challenges through robotics and innovation. This year, Team Mauritius is proud to join the ranks of other talented teams, showcasing their creativity, technical prowess, and commitment to making a positive impact.

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Top 4 Life Coaches in Mumbai in 2023

Are you living in the bustling cosmopolitan city of Mumbai and looking to make a change in your life? Are you searching for inspirational Life Coaches in Mumbai with the unique competitive edge and expertise to turn around your journey?

If so, look no further than Dr Krishna Athal – one of India’s elite A* Life & Executive Coaches. In this blog post, we will explore five of the best life coaches in Mumbai that have displayed unparalleled exceptionalism, success and growth from 2023 onwards. We’ll also review Dr Krishna Athal’s background information and his fundamental approach towards creating effective and lasting changes in personal lives. So without any further ado… let’s get started!

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The Best Corporate Trainers in India in 2023

When it comes to the best corporate trainers in India in 2023, there are a few names that stand out. Training employees effectively is an invaluable skill among business leaders, and the best trainers have a deep understanding of how firms succeed or struggle.

As we look towards 2023, surveys continue to identify Krishna Athal as one of the leading corporate trainers in India – with their insights guiding organisations across the country. This article explores five of the top corporate coaches of this era – gaining exclusive insights into their approaches for successfully delivering large and small courses for organisations.

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National Education Policy 2020: A Roadmap for Indian Educational System

The National Education Policy 2020 is a landmark decision to transform the educational system of India. After three decades, this legislation overhauls the existing education structure and introduces comprehensive changes.

NEP seeks to promote equity, inclusivity, quality, sustainability and internationalisation of the Indian education system. It emphasises bringing access for all students regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographically challenged locations.

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The Best Personal Coaching in India

Are you looking for a way to get the most out of your life? Looking for personal coaching in India can be an excellent solution, and if this is something you’ve been considering, then look no further than India’s best personal coach, Krishna Athal.

Krishna Athal has been helping individuals reach their fullest potential since he began working in the industry — and his extensive knowledge, expertise and experience in personal coaching, make him the go-to expert!

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Life Coaching in Mauritius

Are you looking for a way to make a better life for yourself while also having the opportunity to explore an exotic island? Life coaching in Mauritius may be just what you are searching for!

This vibrant and culturally rich nation is one of the best places in the world for professionals, offering unparalleled career opportunities. But with all this potential comes responsibility, stress and everyday worries that can get in the way of achieving your dreams. That’s why having a life coach working alongside you as a mentor and guide during this critical time of self-growth and development pays off. Their wisdom and insights into personal dynamics can help you tailor choices that will put you on track towards your goals while bringing balance back into your life. Find out more about how life coaching services in Mauritius could benefit you!

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Life Coaching in Mumbai

Mumbai is home to life coaches who specialise in helping individuals navigate life’s complexities and reach their goals. Life Coaching in Mumbai helps clients identify their life goals, create action plans, and stay on track with the life changes they want to make.

Are you in the throes of searching for a way to make your life more organised, productive and meaningful? You’re not alone. Life coaching has become increasingly popular over the years as a way to bring clarity and structure into people’s lives so that they can move forward with purpose and thrive in all aspects of their life. If you are looking for an experienced coach who specialises in helping individuals reach their full potential, consider exploring life coaching options in Mumbai.

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