The Art of Leading from the Front

Leading from the front is a valuable skill for every leader. It involves leading with enthusiasm and commitment, leading by example, taking ownership of your decisions, and communicating effectively with team members.

The art of leading from the front is more than just getting out in front of your team and taking charge. It’s about knowing when to lead and when to follow, when to take control and when to step back. It’s about being a role model for your team, setting the tone for how you want things done, and inspiring them to do their best work. And it’s about knowing that sometimes the best way to lead is by following someone else’s lead.

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Cognitive Abilities of Political Leaders Who Lead from the Front

This article looks at the cognitive abilities of political leaders who lead from the front. The process of cognitive ageing is complex. A critical aspect of these abilities is the speed with which many operations can be executed. The dimensions of cognitive functioning are orientation, memory, fluency, and numeracy. Studies have found an association between ageing and cognitive ability and retirement.

There are at least two reasons why understanding the process of age-related decline in cognitive abilities is essential to politicians. First, cognitive functioning is fundamental for decision making, for it influences individuals’ ability to process information and make the right choices. As many countries have moved towards individual provision systems for retirement income, decision-making becomes crucial for appropriate consumption and saving plans. Second, cognitive abilities may be regarded as one aspect of human capital and education, health, and noncognitive abilities. Politicians have focused their attention on human capital accumulation, much less on human capital deterioration.

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