How STEM Can Make a Difference in Reducing Poverty in Mauritius

This article explores the power of STEM in reducing poverty in Mauritius and how it can ultimately empower communities to shape the future of Mauritius.

Mauritius is a country with a promising future. However, like many nations, it faces the challenge of poverty, particularly in some of its communities. In pursuing sustainable development and a brighter future for all Mauritians, the integration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) plays a crucial role.

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A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at Public Speaking in Mauritius

Mauritius has long been considered a culturally rich country, and it now serves as an excellent example of this important communication skill. In this blog post, we will take you on a fascinating behind-the-scenes look into the art of public speaking in Mauritius for insight into how speakers craft their messages with expertise.

We will explore what makes public speaking so powerful here while uncovering best practices that can be applied worldwide. By demystifying the process of successful presentation delivery, you’ll gain valuable knowledge that might just help further your career ambitions or spark meaningful conversations with those around you. So, jump right in and let’s explore together!

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Ethnicity in Mauritius: Too Good to Be True?

This article covers ethnicity in Mauritius, and the history behind the multitude of ethnic groups that exist, the mixing and sharing of culture, living together and a reflection on identity.

Mauritius has a history of events that have led to what it is today. The people of Mauritius, which includes people of different ethnic origins, coexist and contribute to the country’s development. Moreover, this facet of multi-ethnicity gives Mauritius its image of a “rainbow country”.

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Le Statut de la Femme dans la Société Mauricienne

Le statut de la femme était, auparavant, comparable à celui d’un enfant. Le stéréotype féminin montre que la place des femmes est à la maison, à s’occuper des tâches ménagères, des enfants et de leur époux. Les droits des femmes étaient limités et très peu d’entre elles avaient une place, dite valorisante, dans la société.

C’est souvent uniquement lors de la journée de la femme, célébrée le 8 mars, qu’on l’honore. Cependant, des progrès ont été faits et le statut de la femme est bien plus haut placé. Elle est même considérée comme l’égal de l’homme. Mais ce n’est pas toujours le cas et plus particulièrement dans la société patriarcale qu’est l’Ile Maurice.

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10 New Year Resolutions Every Youth Should Take in 2022

A new year is full of optimism and opportunity for many young people, presumably why they want to improve themselves as the year starts. There is no such thing as a person who is completely satisfied with every aspect of their life. As a result, when the new year arrives, it’s the ideal time to implement a few positive, uplifting adjustments to kick off the year on the right foot.

Unfortunately, selecting suitable New Year’s Resolutions might be challenging at times. Choosing the correct resolutions and following through on them allow individuals to be new and better people by replacing some of their negative habits with ones that make them healthier and happier. On the other hand, choosing the wrong resolutions or failing to create a strategy to fulfil them implies that the new year will be like the previous ones.

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Who Will Win the General Elections 2019?

Mauritians have been waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the date of the general elections as the year has progressed; so it was no surprise really that when the Prime Minister dissolved the Parliament on 6 October, the Island began to prepare for the onslaught of political campaigning.

Over the months, political parties far and wide have been making their way through their constituencies starting to rally the support as to why they are worthy of people’s votes in this year’s elections.

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Who Cares?

We have been taught all our lives that to be decent human beings means that we exist on this earth to (as far as we can) make life less difficult for others, and in turn, make them less difficult for us. To feel like we have a greater purpose and to feel like we are making a difference, we need to help our fellow human beings in any way we can.

This attitude is ideally also meant to extend to monitoring our behaviour so that our impact on nature and the world, in general, is as positive as possible. However, every day, the human race fails to inspire because the world has become such an incredibly harsh place to call home.

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