The Qualities of a Good Daughter and Son, Listed

Although each child is unique and special in the eyes of their parents, some may wonder, what are the qualities of a good daughter and son?

All parents love their children undyingly. They want to be proud of them and make them happy. They sacrifice a lot to make and keep their children satisfied with their life. They all dream of giving birth or raising the perfect daughter or son.

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Is Having a Boyfriend or Girlfriend Right at the Age of 15?

Around their mid-teens, adolescents’ interest in dating tends to grow more, explaining why 15 years olds are dating more and more these days. But is 15 an appropriate age to start dating, and what are the benefits and consequences of teenage dating?

Dating is a natural, healthy, and crucial component of the emotional development of any young person. However, some may start dating at a very young age, and parents often fear that their child will get hurt, manipulated, or heartbroken.

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Top 10 Mobile Apps to Combat Mental Health

Mental health is an essential factor at every phase of life, from childhood to adulthood. With the growing generation, mental health illness is becoming a serious issue worldwide, where people are busy with their workload and neglecting their mental wellbeing.

Half of the people concerned with mental illness are reluctant to seek treatment for their mental health in fear of being stigmatised, or there might also be some financial explanations. Because of such circumstances, there have been new amended alternatives to take good care of your mental health and prevent adverse consequences. 

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Brutal Truths About Stigma of Mental Health

Mental health involves effective functioning in daily activities, which would result in healthy relationships, being productive at work and the ability to regulate your own emotions.

Mental health is the foundation of feelings, communication, learning and self-esteem. Mental health is also fundamental to healthy relationships and emotional wellbeing. Mental illness refers to all diagnosed mental health disorders, from personal anxiety to behaving with distress in society. According to the American Psychiatric Association, 19% of adults experience mental illness, about one in 5 adults. 4.1 % have serious mental health issues.

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