Everything You Need to Know about Robotics Team Mauritius’ Chelsy Tow

Hello, my name is Chelsy Madison Tow nam. I’m 15 years old. I study at Loreto College of Port Louis and am in grade 9. I’m part of the YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius, participating in the FIRST Global Challenge 2022.

I’m very introverted and have a lot of difficulties communicating with others, making it hard for me to make new friends. Fortunately, when I joined YUVA Mauritius, my teammates were friendly to me, making it easy for me to get to know each of them. Also, getting used to a new environment takes me a lot of time.

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The Most Popular Initiatives of Robotics in Mauritius

Like in most countries, robotics in Mauritius is used daily for the most common tasks. The fast-growing influence of AI in every aspect of our lives raises the question of whether our education system caters to understanding these changes and if young Mauritians are adequately equipped to contribute to this field.

To answer these questions, this article provides an overview of robotics at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

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Zakiya Neamuth Selected in YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius 2022

My name is Zakiya Neamuth. I am 18 years old and currently in grade 11 at Hamilton College situated at Mahebourg. I have been selected to be part of YUVA’s Robotics Team Mauritius for the FIRST Global Challenge 2022.

My love and interest for robotics began in November 2018 when Sophia, the humanoid, was brought to Mauritius. I must admit that this wonder of engineering, science and psychology was captivating and made me read and research more about robots since then.

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Everything You Need to Know about Team Mauritius’ Abhinn Kaushik

My name is Abhinn Kaushik. I am 15 years old and am pursuing my IB diploma studies at Le Bocage International School. I am part of FIRST Global’s official Robotics Team Mauritius.

Since the age of 12, I have been intrigued by the field of robotics. It all started from a small Dr Mady’s electronic set for beginners, from where I was introduced to the concept of electronics. Later, I could implement this knowledge I gained into robotics via the Arduino. I was shocked to see the potential of this microcontroller and how it could be used to induce change in our day-to-day lives.

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Mauritius prepares for 2022 FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva

Mauritius is getting ready to participate in the 2022 FIRST Global Challenge in Geneva this October. Team Mauritius is being prepared for Robotics Assembling, Robotics Programming and Robotics Strategy by YUVA’s speciality school, YUVA Academy.

The FIRST Global Challenge is an Olympics-style, international robotics competition that takes place in a different country each year. FIRST Global invites each nation to send a team to build and program a robot to compete. Teams work together to complete tasks in a game themed around one of the greatest challenges facing our planet, including the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering, in an effort to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth of the world as they use their abilities to solve the world’s problems. The challenges we face as a global society need to be solved, and the next generation can meet the task — together.

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Scholarship: Ashinaga Africa Initiative Registration 2020

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative is a fully funded academic leadership programme that aims to provide high potential orphaned students from across Sub Saharan Africa with access to higher education in Japan, the U.S.A. and Europe.

Our vision is that after graduating from university abroad, our scholars will return to Mauritius to become leaders and empower others.  

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Full Scholarship: 2019 kanthari intake for social change-makers

kanthari is a social organisation offering a 7-month residential leadership training program, with scholarship, for visionaries from around the globe who have overcome adversities and are keen to drive ethical, social change in our global societies.

kanthari, the flagship program of Braille Without Borders Charitable Trust (www.braillewithoutborders.org) founded by Sabriye Tenberken and Paul Kronenberg, is accredited by the National Quality Council of National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) as a “leadership for social change” vocational training centre. Our name comes after a small chilli plant that grows wild in every backyard of Kerala; Small but very spicy chili with numerous medicinal values. Continue reading “Full Scholarship: 2019 kanthari intake for social change-makers”

YUVA at US Embassy’s talk on Gender Inequality in Entrepreneurship

YUVA was invited to attend a talk on “Gender Inequality in Entrepreneurship” at the US Embassy, Port Louis. The panel of speakers addressing the issue included Sadhna Sokhal, Managing Director of Legem Ltd and African Women Entrepreneurship Program (AWEP) alumna, Karen Yvon, Director of Keda and Nazeem Junggee, Mandela Washington Fellow and Director of 1950 Studios.

Gender Inequality is one of the often-raised issues that have existed since the beginning of interaction between men and women. No doubt, gender plays a major part in the division of labour in today’s society. Gender inequality in Entrepreneurship has given rise to numerous policies, aiming at wiping off gender discrimination on recruitment, salary and promotion processes. Continue reading “YUVA at US Embassy’s talk on Gender Inequality in Entrepreneurship”

Call for Applications: IP and Access to Medicines Course 2018

Having Pro-Health Intellectual Property laws ensures access to essential medicines.

Take ACTION and apply for the ARASA/SAPAM IP and Access to Medicines online course to find out more on how Intellectual Property laws affect access to affordable and safe medicines in Africa. Continue reading “Call for Applications: IP and Access to Medicines Course 2018”

Call for applications: FIRST Global Challenge 2018

Are you between 14-18 years old?

Are you passionate about science and technology?

Do you want to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge 2018 in the Mexico city, this August? Continue reading “Call for applications: FIRST Global Challenge 2018”

Undergraduate Scholarship: Ashinaga African Initiative

YUVA has been requested to endorse the Ashinaga African Initiative since there is currently no applicant from Mauritius, with the application deadline being on 25 February 2018.

The Ashinaga Africa Initiative began in 2014. Its mission is to contribute to Sub-Saharan Africa’s expanding role in global development through increased access to higher education abroad. We support orphaned students who are committed to returning home and initiating change, by providing access to full financial support to study at a university abroad (equivalent to an undergraduate degree). Ashinaga support covers tuition, accommodation, travel costs, and other necessary fees. Continue reading “Undergraduate Scholarship: Ashinaga African Initiative”

YUVA Announced Full Scholarship Winners for Diploma in Community Services Work

Mr Krishna Athal, founder/president of YUVA, announced the six names of the YUVA Educational Scholarship 2017 awardees today at the Municipality of Port Louis.

YUVA has awarded 6 full scholarships for the 2017–2018 academic year to young people to pursue the Diploma in Community Services Work programme at the Charles Telfair Institute. Continue reading “YUVA Announced Full Scholarship Winners for Diploma in Community Services Work”

YUVA & HRDC Forum for Unemployed Youth of Flacq District (2 April)

YUVA, in close collaboration with the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC), is organising a second edition of the Opportunity Forum; this time at Lallmatie Social Welfare Centre.

This event is in-line with YUVA’s goal to reduce unemployment among young people in Mauritius.

The event would be held on Sunday 2 April 2017 at the Lallmatie S.W.C., targeting mainly the unemployed young people of the district of Flacq.

Attendees would be able to follow a one-hour presentation by YUVA and HRDC, and they will be able to register (on-spot) for the National Skills Development Programme for training in technical skills that are in high demand. The youngsters’ education level varied from form III to HSC.

The professional courses being offered to the young people are in different sectors, mainly Tourism & Hospitality, Construction, ICT and Nursing. The duration of the courses may vary from 6-12 months.

Apart from getting a free professional course, every participant would also be receiving a monthly stipend of Rs 6,000.

We, at YUVA, are proud to bring our brick to contribute in reducing unemployment in Mauritius. We invite all unemployed young people residing in the district of Flacq to join us on that day, so that they can grab the opportunities we are offering to them for a better future.

Note: YUVA will soon be organising similar forum every month in the rest parts of Mauritius. Do not worry if we haven’t yet reached your district; we will ultimately.

NORTH: Opportunity Forum for Unemployed Youth

In-line with its goal to reduce unemployment among young people in Mauritius, YUVA is launching the #TacklingUnemployment initiative all around the island.

YUVA is collaborating with the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) to help unemployed youngsters to secure a better future.

As a first event, YUVA is inviting youngsters from the northern part of Mauritius to attend the Opportunity Forum for Unemployed Youth on Sunday, 26 February 2017 at 9am.


In programme: presentation of the National Skills Development Programme (NSDP) and the Graduate Training for Employment Scheme (GTES) and on-spot application for admission.


Note: YUVA will very soon be organising similar forum every month in the rest parts of Mauritius, namely East, South and West.

150 Young Leaders for World Village Conference 2016 – Indonesia

150 selected international young leaders are invited to participate in the World Village Conference in Purwakarta, Indonesia. WVC 2016 is an event to celebrate village ecosystem, packed with inspiring speakers, skill-building programme and a variety of exciting opportunities.

The participants will get involved in workshops and discussion with international prominent speakers, home-stay and knowledge sharing with the locals in Purwakarta, and networking dinner with industry and business stakeholders.


Applicants must be between 17-30 years old, have experience in village development and can include:

  • University students around the world who have understanding on village-based economy, agriculture, culture-based economy or any field related to village-industry.
  • NGO representatives who have experience or deep enthusiasm on village development and village-based industry.
  • Researchers or academicians who have knowledge and can add value on developing village economy while preserving its culture.
  • Business owners or professionals who are interested in investing in Purwakarta village industry.

Applicants must also be members of (or affiliated with) non-government and non-for-profit youth-ed organisations, networks, initiatives or movements (led by youth for the benefit of youth) and have the ability to consult with and reach a wider group of young people, audience or network.

A fluent understanding of English is required, and all applicants must hold an international passport valid until at least November 30, 2016.

Financial support

Purwakarta Regency will cover:

  • Hotel, meals, and accommodation.
  • Transportation from and to airport and the venue in Purwakarta.

How to apply

Fill in the application form online, which requires your details, a CV and an essay.

The essay topic should be on “Village Industries”, along with the reasons to participate in the programme, implementation methodology of their ideas, and commitment to build Village Industries in their country.

For more information, visit the official page of the World Village Conference.

Deadline: May 22, 2016 (or until spaces run out)