The Best Animal NGOs in Mauritius, Ranked

Mauritius is home to several animal welfare organisations that preserve the island’s unique wildlife. This article ranks the best animal NGOs in Mauritius.

The term “animal welfare” can evoke a sense of calm or well-being for the conscious consumer, especially when it appears on a carton of eggs or a jug of milk, proclaiming that animals were treated humanely during the creation of these products. But these claims often obscure the dark realities of where and how these products were made—on factory farms that systematically condemn animals to lives of extreme confinement, stress, pain, and even torture. NGOs provide vital assistance to endangered species and promote responsible management of Mauritius’ diverse ecosystems.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Mauritius

Mauritius Island is known to be a relatively stable and healthy country. However, its unique characteristics and assets make it a dream destination. This article lists the 5 things you should know before visiting Mauritius.

Mauritius owes much of its image as a wonderful destination to the beautiful beaches, the wild nature, the multicultural population, the local products, and the unique places on the island.

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Recognition of the Unrecognised: World Wildlife Day

World Wildlife Day (WWD) takes place on 3 March every year. World Wildlife Day honours the splendour and variety of wild animals and plants and the advantages of safeguarding them. Simultaneously, this day underscores the vital need to eradicate illegal wildlife trade and species loss, which have significant financial, ecological, and societal implications.

This year, it will be hosted underneath the theme “Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration” to increase awareness regarding vulnerable and severely threatened wildlife species and exhibit the strength of conservation activities to alter their decline. This theme will also emphasise the effect of conservation projects and present instances of the best practices where wildlife species have been spared from annihilation. It will promote debates about envisioning and executing innovative ideas to protect our wildlife species.

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