The Ultimate Guide to Corruption in Politics in Mauritius

Mauritius is not exempted from corruption in politics. The cases disclosed by the Mauritian press involving politicians, state officials, or decision-makers speak for themselves.

Corruption is an immoral act that is detrimental to the smooth running of a country, especially at higher levels, such as in politics and the public sector. It is the source of many problems, such as increasing inequality, injustice, lack of meritocracy, waste of resources, and damage to the country’s image.

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Anti-Corruption Short Film Competition: ICAC

In view of securing the commitment and active participation of the youth in the fight against corruption, the ICAC in collaboration with the Youth Against Corruption (YAC) Platform is organising an Anti-Corruption Short Film Competition on the theme ‘Fighting corruption is everybody’s social responsibility’.

In this context, YUVA invites YUVANs to participate in the competition. You will find a copy of the participation guide and a participation form at the end of this article.

The objectives of the competition are to:

  1. Enable participants to reflect on corruption and related issues and convey anti-corruption messages through short films; and
  2. Provide participants with an innovative and trendy means to demonstrate their commitment in the fight against corruption.

More information on the conditions of participation is available on ICAC’s website: A briefing session cum technical workshop for participants is also tentatively scheduled for Thursday 10 March 2016 in the Lecture Theatre, ICAC Headquarters, Réduit Triangle, Moka.

ICAC staff, Mr. I. Rossaye and Miss H.Khadun are available on 402 6905 for any additional information.