YUVA Triolet : Faites le don de votre sang et sauvez une vie

Savezvous que les hôpitaux et cliniques privées de l’île Maurice ont besoin de 150 pintes de sang par jour?

Afin d’aider les patients, le YUVA de Triolet organise une collecte de sang le samedi 5 septembre 2015 de 9h – 17h sur le parking de Super U de Grand-Baie. Un dépistage du diabète sera également prévu. YUVA mise sur la générosité des donneurs qui nous sommes certains ont à cœur le bien-être des Mauriciens. On fait un appel spécialement aux jeunes de venir nombreux à faire don de son sang pour sauver une vie. Pour rappel, sachez que 150 pintes de sang sont nécessaires tous les jours dans nos hôpitaux et cliniques privées pour sauver la vie des personnes qui font des d’opérations du cœur, pour les dialysés, pour les personnes qui ont besoin d’une transfusion de sang, pour les cancéreux et pour les enfants atteints de thalassémie.

YUVA Triolet: Mega Blood Donation & Free Diabetes Screening

YUVA Triolet, in close collaboration with YUVA District Pamplemousses, is organising a Mega Blood Donation and Free Diabetes Screening on Saturday, 5 September 2015 from 9:00hr to 17:00hr at the parking lot of Grand Baie, Coeur De Ville (Super U).

Diabetes has always been a threat for Mauritians and unfortunately, the risk is in constant growth. Mauritius is currently the first country with highest number of diabetes per capita in Africa (each 2 to 3 on 5 citizens are threatened) and in the list of first 20 countries of the world. We believe that there is a lack of awareness of diabetes and its consequences on lives of patients and their close ones. There are many illnesses which are directly linked with diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy, blood pressure and renal diseases which lead patients to require hemodialysis treatment and require blood transfusion. It is to be noted that the country needs approximately 160 to 200 pints of blood a day to cater for hemodialysis and for surgeries requiring blood.

Donating blood is one of the most noble deeds a human being can do. Blood donation saves lives and we, YUVA, want to raise awareness on importance of donating blood but also how to prevent and cure other diseases related to diabetes. The event will contribute to the National Diabetes Education Programme.


Ghirish Bissoon Appointed as New YUVA District President of Pamplemousses

Ghirish Bissoon, new president of YUVA District of Pamplemousses.
Ghirish Bissoon, new president of YUVA District of Pamplemousses.

The YUVA National Board has approved reconstitution of the YUVA District of Pamplemousses and the appointment of a new district president, Ghirish Bissoon.

“The honour and challenge of bringing forward the destiny of our district YUVA is a task that I have accepted with enthusiasm, and I would like to thank the national president, Krishna Athal and the YUVA Board members for their trust”, said the new district president.

Ghirish Bissoon said that his main goal is to reinforce and uphold the objectives of YUVA. He proposes to emphasize on creating a responsible youth citizenship imbued with multidisciplinary skills that would contribute efficiently and effectively in all spheres of the development of the district of Pamplemousses.

Ghirish Bissoon will succeed Girish Buckhory, who has served as district president of Pamplemousses since YUVA was founded. Bissoon has previously served as president of YUVA Morcellement Saint Andre.

If you want to get in-touch with Ghirish Bissoon, you can email him at pritishghirish@hotmail.com.