Leadership Skills Required to Become a Strong Prime Minister

Prime ministers’ attitudes, leadership styles, and political talents matter and make a difference. In a context that enables comparison, generalisation, and appraisal, it is essential to establish ways of interpreting and evaluating the elements of prime ministerial leadership and personal style and skills. But, what are the leadership skills required to become a strong prime minister?

In order of importance, vision and political ability come first, followed by interpersonal capability and public relations, with cognitive style and emotional intelligence as less essential variables.

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Celebrating International Day of Democracy during COVID-19 on 15 September

The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis has resulted in major social, political and legal challenges globally. As states around the world adopt emergency measures to address the crisis, it is critical that they continue to uphold the rule of law, protect and respect international standards and basic principles of legality, and the right to access justice, remedies and due process.

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Press Communiqué: Retraction request to L’express

17 September 2018

Mr Nad Sivaramen
Director of Publications
La Sentinelle

Dear Mr Sivaramen,

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Interview of Krishna Athal: MBC Bhojpuri TV Programme, Aaj Ke Jawan

The YUVA Executive Director, Krishna Athal, appeared in a long interview of the Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation’s Bhojpuri Programme, ‘Aaj Ke Jawan‘.

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Leadership Development Programme for Regional Youth Council Representatives

In view of empowering the 81 Regional Youth Council Board members, the National Youth Council (NYC), in close collaboration with The Leadership Network (TLN), is organising a free 3-day residential Leadership Development Programme for RYC executives at El-Monaco Hotel, Quatre Bornes, on 24th, 25th and 26th August 2012.

“The National Youth Council has an important role in preparing the youth for the challenges they will confront in the future. It is our duty to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, and to give them opportunities to achieve that success here,” said Mr Krishna Athal, Chairman of the National Youth Council of Mauritius.

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Rodrigues Regional Youth Council Elections 2012-2014

The National Youth Council (NYC) conducted the Rodrigues Regional Youth Council elections 2012-2014 at Malabar, Rodrigues. The names of the elected office bearers are as follows:

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